Release Notes ASAPIO Integration Addon ver. 9.32405

Posted about 2 months ago by Martin Schöffler

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Version 9.32405 of the ASAPIO Integration Addon contains the following changes:

Changes to ASAPIO Integration Add-on core components:

  • ASAPIO Payload Designer improvements:
    • Full support of table aliases    
  • Change pointer improvements
    • New customizable logic to determine the change indicator
  • Extractor / Formatter improvements
    • Change pointer information can now be part of the extracted data and the formatted payload when using the generic View / PayloadDesign extractors / formatters
  • Enhanced JSON to IDoc converter
    • Improved the conversion from JSON to generic IDoc to make the IDoc more readably and easier to consume
  • Reprocess in packages without multi-threading:
    • New reprocessing option that can handle large volumes of events without multi-threading.
  • Improved AsyncAPI export
    • Now reflects all formatting options (renaming, skipping, etc.)

Changes to Connector for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Fabric    

  • All new connector to Microsoft Fabric
    • Batch and Delta loads
    • CSV format
    • Import via Notebook (template provided)
  • Immediate retry option
    • customizable number of retries in the same send process (without waiting for reprocess job)
    • works for all Microsoft endpoints

Changes to Connector for Confluent / Kafka

  • Improved polling options for inbound messages
    • implementing sticky sessions for load balanced REST proxy configurations
  • Additional configuration options for the polling process (e.g. consumer format)

Changes to SAP NetWeaver Event Enablement Add-on - SP09 (FP08)

For infos please visit: NetWeaver Add-On for Event enablement 1.0/e966e6c0e61443ebaa0270a4bae4b363/4bd8777d7a674f1ba93e1da405e4b9df.html?locale=en-US

Changes to SAP Fieldglass Integration Add-on - SP09 (FP08)

For infos please visit: Fieldglass Integration Add-On/e745d2cc4d114bbf92d2eea49eda9af4/f60b63e9fc1c4a338121ef7c4154274a.html?locale=en-US

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