Release Notes for ASAPIO Integration Addon ver. 9.32304

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Version 9.32304 of the ASAPIO Integration Addon contains the following changes:

Changes to ASAPIO Integration Add-on core framework:

  • ASAPIO Payload Designer (further info in the documentation )
    • Code-less definition of data extraction 
    • Choose tables, fields and create joins
    • No need for ABAP code or dictionary objects
  • Enhancement Spot for Events Trigger
    New BAdI added to the events trigger FM. Allows clients to adjust keys, perform additional checks, add custom logic, etc.
    see Event Trigger BAdI Documentation
  • Active Alerting Enhancements
    It is now possible to have separate jobs (and therefore settings) per interface (Instance / Object)
    see also: Active Alerting Documentation
  • Additional formatting options
  • Conversion program for formatting options
    The way the existing formatting options are configured has changed with the addition of the new options. A conversion program exists to convert existing configurations to the new style.
    see Formatting Options Documentation 
  • AsyncAPI export
    Export an AsyncAPI specification for outbound interfaces
    Works with DB-view and PayloadDesign based extractions
    see also 
  • New check for RFC destination
    In the configuration it is checked if the RFC destination exists.
  • Release object lock in ACI Monitor
    New action in the ACI Monitor to release the lock from the integration run.

Changes to ASAPIO Connector for Confluent / Kafka:

Changes to ASAPIO Connector for SAP Event Mesh:

  • Support for certificate-based authentication
    Settings see SAP Help

Changes to ASAPIO Connector for SAP Fieldglass Integration:

  • Support of Full Load Object Reference:
    When configuring the full load object as a reference to an incremental load object, the incremental interface checks the last run of the full load interface and removes all change pointers that have been created before that time.
  • New Invoice Approve and Reject Interface:
    With the new Feature Pack the Add-on utilizes the Invoice Response Upload Connector from Fieldglass to send responses to the invoice. Approved when invoice in SAP ERP was created successfully and Rejected when invoice couldn’t be posted.
  • Solution for reserved package number range:
    As per SAP documentation the range 1-1000 for package numbers are reserved in the system that they can be used temporaly by BAPI’s (ie. Creation of Purchase Requisition). Nevertheless, there’re cases where those numbers are already on the DB (tables ESUH and ESLL) of the customer’s system.
    The Add-On checks the numbers existing on the DB and recalculates the numbers that are temporaly added during the mapping of the structures and tables for the various BAPI’s.
  • Responsible user check on Cost Center:
    When the cost center has a responsible user maintained, the user is validated by the Add-On if applicable for Fieldglass. In prior FP’s the extraction raised an error message when user wasn’t valid. Now the extraction looks up for the configured default user, replaces it and adds the cost center to the extract.
  • Support of new Fieldglass Buyer Code length:
    The Add-On has been extended to support Buyer Code lengths up to 6 characters.
  • Zero Rate and Billable Amount Filter:
    Service Receipts pulled from Assignment Management module can contain entries with zero rates or zero billable amounts. This is causing errors posting Service Entry Sheets.
    A new filter function has been implemented to remove such entries from the Service Receipt and post only such values to the SES which are submitted with real values.
  • ERS Invoice Upload:
    A new interface has been added to the solution. If customer uses ERS (Evaluated Receipt Settlement) instead of FG invoicing, the Add-On sends the ERS invoice to Fg utilizing the ERS Invoice XML Upload Connector.
  • Dynamic Cost Object Mapping:
    A new customizing table has been added to support customers that are not using SAP standard account assignment categories (ie. K, F, P, N). Custom AAC’s can be mapped to the standard AAC’s and Add-Ons converts the values.
  • New Contract Lookup:
    A new interface has been added to upload contracts/outline agreements with its services into the contract lookup of Fieldglass. 
  • System ID added into all Master Data interfaces:
    The System ID which is typically only added in a multi-backend landscape was now added as default to all master data interfaces. This also helps in landscapes where several backend systems are connected to the FG test tenant.

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