How to download new versions?

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SAP NetWeaver Event-enablement Add-on:

Please download here from SAP Software Center  (search for ASANWEE)

SAP Fieldglass Integration Add-on:

Please download here from SAP Software Center (search for ASAFGEE)

ASAPIO Integration Add-on and other directly licensed versions:

  • ASAPIO Integration Add-on for Microsoft® Azure®
  • ASAPIO Integration Add-on for Google® Pub/Sub®
  • ASAPIO Integration Add-on for Confluent® / Kafka®
  • ASAPIO Integration Add-on for Solace® PubSub+
  • ASAPIO Integration Add-on for Amazon® Web Services (AWS)
  • ASAPIO Integration Add-on for StreamSets®: download not available yet, please contact us directly 
  • ASAPIO Integration Add-on für AI VERGABEMANAGER: download not available yet, please contact us directly

The download pages are only visible to users associated with an eligible customer account, holding the appropriate license for the Connector.

Please create a user on ASAPIO Support Portal:

  1. Logon or register a user with your company’s email address and navigate to “Forums”.
    The section “Release Information and FAQ” will display a forum for your licensed connector.
  2. Visit the download section at
  3. Click on the displayed connector to download the current version. Follow your company’s procedures to store and transport the new version in your own system environment.
  4. Trouble shooting: In case that no licensed connector is shown or for installation help, please open a ticket
    (at the top of the Forums screen) and we will be happy to support you.

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