Release Notes ASAPIO Integration Addon ver. 9.32210

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Version 9.32210 of the ASAPIO Integration Addon contains the following changes:

Changes to ASAPIO Integration Add-on components:

  • New Connector for Amazon Web Services (AWS), supporting:
    • SNS
    • EventBridge
    • Kinesis DataStreams
    • S3

For further info, please visit  

  • Extended Options for log deletion:
    Additional select options to allow for dedicated variants for specific interfaces:
    • Age (older than x number of days)
    • Date range
    • Cloud Instance
    • Cloud Object
    • Response Code
  • Improved trace display for Event payloads:
    • formatted / indented JSON
    • encoded messages (e.g. for Google PubSub) displayed decoded
  • Performance Improvement: option to switch off writing the timestamp for the last run (to avoid performance issues in event-driven scenarios):
    Introducing new header attribute SWITCH_OFF_LASTRUN_TIMESTMP
  • Configurable expiration date for application log:
    The Add-on stores all messages in SAP’s SLG1 application log. The new global parameter SLG_DEL_PERIOD calculates the expiration date of the log. Default is set to 90 days (to today’s date) if the parameter is not maintained.
  • Beta: new ASAPIO Payload Designer
    Please ask us if you want to try out this new feature and influence the features. 
    • Code-less definition of data extractions
    • Choose tables, fields and create joins
    • No need for ABAP code or dictionary objects
    • Easy drag and drop UI

Changes to SAP NetWeaver Event Enablement Add-on - FP5:

  • For further info, please visit SAP Event Enablement Add-on on
  • Improved error messages: new dedicated error message is thrown in case the system doesn’t successfully receive a token from Event Mesh 
  • Automated Connectivity Setup to Event Mesh

The Add-On introduces a new configuration activity (embedded into the IMG) to automatically create the

  • RFC destination for the token
  • RFC destination for the topic
  • Client ID information in the Add-On
  • Client Secret information into the Secure Store

This is all based on the finished configuration of the Event Mesh and existence of the “Service key” file in JSON format.


Changes to SAP Fieldglass Integration Add-on - SP06

  • For further info, please visit  SAP Fieldglass Add-on on
  • New interface for supplier deactivation: a new interface with extractor and response handler is introduced to send supplier deactivation information to SAP Fieldglass when supplier is deactivated in the connected SAP backend system.
  • New interface for Supplier Classification Association: the interface is triggered when the Fieldglass supplier code is updated in the vendor classification in SAP. Per default, the supplier classification is set to ALL.
  • New interface for Supplier Site Association Upload: the interface is triggered when the Fieldglass supplier code is updated in the vendor classification in SAP. It is configurable whether the supplier will be associated to the FG-relevant sites that are maintained within the Add-On or to ALL.
  • Assignment Upload Interface with Accounting: interface of Assignment Upload has been extended to separate between the new Assignment Types in Fieldglass: known and unknown account assignment. The creation of Assignments in Fieldglass with known account assignment is supported.
  • Unique external Master SOW ID: The external MSOW reference contains the ERP contract and line-item number. In rare cases of multi-backend scenarios this could lead to duplicates. With this release, the external MSOW reference additionally contains the logical system of the sender system to make the MSOW ID unique.
  • Extended levels in Service Hierarchy Lookup: The interface offers extended functionality: It reads services from several outline levels underneath the contract item. The service ID and the path is concatenated to a unique ID in the lookup,
  • Suppress valid From Date check on contracts: MSOW Upload and MSOWR Upload interfaces do not check against the valid From Date anymore.
    This allows to have MSOW’s created in Fieldglass before they are getting valid.
  • New Fieldglass Supplier Code length: The Add-On has been adjusted to cater for the new maximum length of the Fieldglass Supplier Code
  • New Fieldglass XML Schema: SAP Fieldglass changed the XML Schema Definitions for MSOW, SOW, MSOWR and SOWR uploads.
    The Add-On has been adjusted and is aligned with the latest schema
  • Extended Monitor Log for MSOW interface: The Monitor Log is extended by the document number of the contract which has sent the MSOW and MSOW revision upload. In the log, this enables the user to associate success and error messages to the correct source document

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