Release Notes 9.32110

  • Interface method: HTTP(S) POST
  • Supported endpoint: Pub/Sub service on Google® Cloud Platform
  • Supported authentication methods: JSON Web Tokens (JWT)
  • Supported communication direction: Outbound, Push
  • Processing options: 
    1. Single event
    2. Batch loads (single events or multiple events per call)
    3. Multi-threaded batch loads across multiple SAP work processes.
  • Event Notifications: A generic event handler, which can automatically generate events from SAP business object events. The handler creates an outbound event with event name, SAP object type and SAP object ID.
  • Event Message Builder: A generic event handler for generating message payloads automatically, based on tables and fields which can be configured in database views. The handler creates a structured JSON message body and can be used in both event-driven and batch-mode transfers.